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4 Videos That Will Inspire Greatness Inside Of You



The whole purpose of this post is to give you some amazing references in the form of video. Video is very powerful because it attacks your senses from every direction and has the ability to make you feel something and to begin to create new neural pathways within your brain.

For you to be able to achieve greatness you need constant references of the impossible because you are surrounded by people every day who are not successful. I don’t say that to talk badly of the average person, I say that because these videos are the very thing that anyone can use as a starting point to turn their life around – even someone who is not currently successful.

The road to change all starts with one small step and my hope is that you will watch one of these videos and it will be like planting a seed; maybe one day that seed can grow into something amazing and help you do something that no one thought was possible.

Below are four videos that have radically changed my own thoughts and beliefs and I believe they can help transform you from where you are right now!

1. Believe in yourself

This was a video that was presented to me in an environment where I least expected it – work! We were assessing why a team were able to completely turn their results around and become first in the country for what they did. It turns out that this video is where that journey started.

As I watched the video with my work colleagues, I got chills down my spine because I realised yet again that the belief systems we have determined who we are. If we believe that we are destined for greatness and that we are unique in our own field, then others will believe too.

People that believe in themselves come across totally different. They have passion, their posture is tall, the tone in their voice is confident, they speak naturally and so on. This way of being is infectious and everyone wants a piece of it.

I have seen this in my own life and I have spent three years working on my belief systems and questioning everything that was ever taught to me.

“Your brain is like a circuit and so if we introduce it with the proper wiring, you are going to go straight to your target. If you are unsure about who you are, your dreams, your goals will never become a reality”

2. Negative People

It was this video that made me realise that I had to look at the people around me and realise what effect they were having on my life. I began to see that if I wanted to achieve greatness I had to be conscious of how other people were influencing me.

Be careful who you spend time with and don’t allow people’s attitudes and beliefs to be subconsciously affecting your success because it can happen without you even realising it. Your view of the world is shaped by the people who you chose to allow around you and by those who you allow to inspire you.

The video features Les Brown as the narrator and he makes the point that it doesn’t take any effort to be a loser. By default, if you don’t develop yourself and if you don’t dream, you too will become insignificant, unhappy, unfulfilled and maybe even a loser. Do you really want that in your life? If not, be careful who you spend time with and try to hang around amazing people.

The best part of the video is at the 2:21 mark when the movie soundtrack in the background hits an emotional point and Les Browns passion in his voice reaches a pinnacle. I promise you, this video will inspire you to greatness and change the way you think, just watch it for yourself!

“If you want to keep on getting what you’re getting then keep on doing what you’re doing”

3. Why we do what we do – Tony Robbins

The talk that got me hooked on Ted was this one from Tony Robbins. Out of all the things that we can look at when assessing success, the one thing that will make the most difference is understanding why you do what you do every day.

The point of this talk is to understand what role emotion plays in our life and how it can influence our results. The other key point is around the six human needs of which two of them, the need for growth and contribution, can lead to human fulfilment more than anything else.

Tony is a powerful storyteller and what is most compelling about the talk is when he ties everything together at the end by retelling one of his seminars that occurred at the same time as September 11. If you like Tony’s Ted talk I would strongly suggest you watch the video that was filmed on September 11 where he shows how you can change your identity, even during a time when the world is in shock. –

4. How bad do you want it?

This video features the inspirational speaker Eric Thomas who is known for giving people a shake up and almost screaming at them through his motivational presentations. He is someone that knows what it’s like to have nothing and has risen from adversity.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful”

The message of this video is that we fall because we quit too easily and we don’t know why we are doing what we do each day. Don’t spend your life unfulfilled and uninspired. Find out what makes you happy and do that, and only do that!

We spend our lives trying to make lots of money because we think that it will make us happy but the sad reality is it won’t. Spend your life making other people’s lives better and you will feel the best you have ever felt. You won’t need to try and get out of bed because you will be fired up every morning.


If you have any other motivational videos that you think are worth watching, then please mention them in the comments section below or on my Facebook / Twitter Page.


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10 Ways Your Life is Like a Video Game



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3 Prince EA Videos To Change Humanities Path To Greatness



If you haven’t heard of Prince EA, then you should of. He’s the guy who delivers amazing spoken word rhymes over the top of inspirational soundtracks. His YouTube channel has millions of views, and the video’s he produces are some of the best quality and most creative you will find.

The production that goes into these videos has to be seen to be believed. If you’re looking for a millennial with a different view of the world who is not afraid to ask the questions nobody is asking or the questions nobody wants to answer, then Prince EA is for you.

If you’re pursuing any level of success, then Prince EA is a must.

Below you will find what I believe are his top three videos that will change humanities path to greatness!

1. Why Most People Die Before Age 25

This is a heartfelt video about how people stop chasing their dreams before the age of twenty-five and how they die inside even if they live a long life. Prince EA talks about how people make excuses for their dream and delay their dreams.

He says that life shouldn’t be something that you just get on with. Everyone can relate to this video, and the challenges Prince EA talks about are real for all of us whether we like to admit it or not.

“You will never start this video again with the same perspective you had when you clicked play”

2. I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White

This video will seriously change your perspective on the world and the many different races that co-exist. Prince EA presents the idea that our race is nothing more than a label and that labels cause racism and wars.

He explains that who we really are is not skin deep and that we are all global citizens. He uses a brilliant analogy about our bodies being like cars that we get from a dealership called society. Our race is nothing more than a model of car but at its core, we are all the same.

I love how Prince EA says in this video that who we are is found inside, not on the outside. You’ll find this video will move you and challenge your current view of the world. This simple idea that is presented in this video is the key for all of us to have global success.

This idea is what has the power to bring us all together and create as one team rather than in silos. Burn the freakin labels!

“Who would you be if the world never gave you a label?”

3. Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Prince EA’s most popular video with more than 17 million views is all about changing our relationship with technology. The myth we have been sold is that technology has made our lives better. In reality, technology has caused us to lose the human connection between each other.

Yes, technology has many advantages, but what it has done is exacerbate the flaws of the human blueprint. The digital age, as Prince EA puts it, has become obsessed with taking selfies and creating content that is about “I” instead of “we” or “us.”

This digital disease has been caused by a choice. Choice is at the centre of every one of life’s significant challenges. Prince EA says it the best when he says that our choices cannot be autocorrected. It’s time for all of us to have a regular digital detox.

What is one lesson you learnt from Prince EA’s inspiring videos? Let me know in the comments section below or on my website or my Facebook. 
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(Video) What Is Success? An Entrepreneurial Story To Inspire You



Going back a few years I was lucky enough to be part of a very successful business. At the time, everyone told me that I was successful and living a dream life. While the money, cars, clothes, and nightclubs may have made others think I was successful, I felt I was anything but successful.

I was low on energy, depressed, anxious, and uninspired. As I recently reflected back on this entrepreneurial journey that most never get to have, I asked myself the question “what is success?”

It’s a question I want all of you to ask yourselves and answer truthfully. Everyone’s answer will be different but strangely enough, the fundamentals of our answer will be similar.

The reason I made this video for all of you is to get you thinking about your version of success and show you how you can get it so very wrong using my own story. The good news is my story has a happy ending. I won’t share with you what that is cause you have got to watch the video to get that.

Let’s just say that all of the walking around late at night listening to Tony Robbins Tapes helped me to discover something new during my ultimate low. It’s in these times of severely low inspiration and shocking heartache that you can discover something new.

“As quick as you can make lots of money and have lots of success, it can be taken right from underneath you, so be humble” – Tim Denning

All it takes is a new idea (a seed) to come your way (and be planted), and it can blossom into something totally unexpected. Who knew that listening to something could take me down a whole new path that I never expected.

You’re smarter than you think you are, and you will never have all the answers no matter how hard you try. As you get older, you will realise that you can’t plan any activity or control it, so when you learn to just go with the flow and be on the lookout for something great, phenomenal things can happen to you.

Whatever you put out into the world comes back at you ten times harder. My hope is that if you put out nothing but good vibes then you can do some seriously cool stuff. Firsthand, I can say that the more good I put out, the more good comes back.

There is a platform for all of you to achieve what you have always dreamed of and you just need to find it. It’s hiding somewhere where you least expect it so keep an eye out and don’t dismiss any idea without thinking it through.

When people try and reach you on social media, be humble and respond to them if you can. Be grateful for what you have because nothing lasts forever my friends and remember it’s not all about you. 

I made this video for all of you, so I hope ya’ll enjoy it and get inspired by my story! 
What’s your story? Let me know in the comments section below or on my website or my Facebook. 
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(Inspirational Video) What If Today You Knew You Were Going To Take Your Last Breath?



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