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Ray Pang SH – Chief Business Strategist

Ray Pang SH is a 28 year old innovator who has built a 7 figure Online Ecosystem after being made redundant in 2019 from his full-time job at a FinTech Start Up.

As the Chief Business Strategist and an Author with, Ray aims to interview thought leaders that are driving significant change in the world and bring to light these amazing leaders’ transformational stories, to provide you with real world insights as to how you can begin to transcend past the System as we know it and create a life of freedom for yourself and genuine impact to the world.

Since being made redundant, Ray has generated over $4mil with his business. Ray has collectively helped his clients generate over $40mil in online sales through his services and offers.

Having flunked his high school exams in Singapore, Ray has since developed a passion for revolutionising the education system globally and this has been reflected in the impact he has created in his mission – coaching over 825 freelancers and aspiring business owners towards creating their own Freedom Vehicle in the form of a $120k+/yr business.

“I believe that true change is here. The systems of old need to evolve to bring forth a new age education curriculum that supports the evolution of human consciousness towards human-centred decision and choices, instead of order or success-driven tactics. To educate, empower and evolve humanity to drastically eliminate the epidemic of anxiety, for people to better understand themselves and choose courage, love, joy and peace at every single moment.” – Ray Pang SH

Learn more about Ray and his mission on Instagram – @ray_pangsh